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First Baptist Church of Opelika

from the Pastor’s Heart

“We have only one answer to offer people.”

I learned so much from Bob Stith during his presentations on ministering
to those who are struggling with same sex addiction. Although he knows
many who, by the power of God, have been changed from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation in their lives, he shared that his goal was not to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. His goal was for them to know the love and fullness of Christ. He doesn’t try to change people. He lets Jesus change people.

When Martin Lloyd Jones stirred England by leaving his post as the “King’s
heart doctor” to become a mission church pastor, he was asked to speak at the local “Temperance” Conference. This was a part of the movement to focus on getting people to abstain from alcohol. He refused saying, “I have come to this country with one answer, the Gospel.” He refused to focus on side issues. He aimed at the root problem, people’s lostness while bringing the one answer, Jesus.

Bob Stith also stressed that the only way to have the right to offer Jesus to
someone who is struggling with same sex attractions is to love them, not attack them. Dennis Jernigan, a popular modern Christian music writer, had a friend who responded when Dennis shared his struggles with him, “Dennis, I don’t understand what is going on in your life. But I will walk with you toward Jesus.” That friendship helped Dennis come to Jesus and find wholeness.

When our time with Bob Stith was over, I realized once again that we are here to “lift up Jesus and love people.”

By the way, if you know of someone who is struggling with same sex
attractions and desires a support group, we have one that meets in Auburn. We also host a support group in our church, once a month, for parents and family of those who have gay loved ones.


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